- Preparing

1.  Breathe in through nose and blow out through mouth for several times, until breathing become normal.
2.  Feel the touching between bottom of feet and ground, toes spread into earth in relaxation.
3.  Be aware of the space above top of head (in order to help lifting up whole body and spreading up back bones).
4.  Be sure of the position of standing – ears match with ankles. The whole body’s gravity is on the “bridges” of between soles and heals.
5.  Meditate the axle in the middle of the body, and be aware of the joints along neck, back, waist until tail bone are in one line.
6.  Then be aware of the sensation from inside to outside of whole body (scanning). Be ware of the sensation of whole body. First gently check toes, feet, ankles, knees, waist, back, shoulders, elbows, wrists, palms, fingers, neck, face are all relaxed.
7.  Then aware of belly’s rise-up when breathing in, and breathe out through nose hole, until breathing become stable and thin.

- Playing

1.  At the moment of starting to move, aware of the intention to move, and make sure the intention is neither too tense nor too loose.
2.  All the motion should be led by the “empty point” beyond tips (such as: finger tips, elbow tips, shoulder tips, waist bone tips, knees tips, toes tips, heal tips, etc…)
3.  The body is in “calm” – just negatively follows the tips, and move in relaxation.
4.  The motion and qi are interdependent and coordinate to each other.
5.  At the moment of having made a step, we must feel the relaxation of toes and feet first, and the relaxation of whole body. Then go on moving.
6.  The gravity center should be always clear and stable. There must be one leg solid (Yang), the other empty (Yin), only the empty leg/foot (Yin) can be moved.
7.  When shifting gravity center, don’t try to push leg/foot to force body shifting. But use the awareness of space above head and the “empty point” to transform gravity center from one to another.
8.  To check whether you move in the right way, is to make sure: the body is in relaxation and the breathing is at ease. 
9.  Eyes follow the direction of main motion.
10. The movement is the way to experience the state of mind, breathing and body in every moment.

-  Closing

1.  As same as 1-4 of preparing
2.  Then have a walk slowly in silence without looking around, keep awareness on steps, breathing and body’s feeling alternately.



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