- Mind is an observer, perceiver and responder.
1.  Mind as an observer should be clear (calm and stable).
2.  Mind as a perceiver should be clean (let the happening be ‘it is what it is’) without attachment.
3.  Mind as a responder should not attach to any feeling or sensation, and keep gentle intention in responding to the environmental conditions (including people and things). 
- Mind should be always in peace.


- Qi includes outer breathing (through nose, mouth or skin) and inner breathing (qi moving inside body).
- Qi is the follower of mind. Qi is the supporter of body (posture and motion). And body is the container of qi.
- Every breath should be a complete process of air exchange cycle from nose to Dantian (lower naval abdomen) and from Dantian to nose. The belly rises up when breathing in, the belly falls down when breathing out.
- Breathing should be always naturally at ease.


- Body includes posture and motion. 
- Body is the reflection of mind, body contains qi and is supported by qi.
- Body should be always relaxed no matter in still posture or in slow or fast motion.


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