Original meaning of Taiji is not a name of martial art, but “the origin of universe”, the so-called One, which gives arising to Two (Yin-Yang). In historical record, the word “Taiji” originally appeared in a book of “commentary of I Ching”, and this concept was gradually used widely later, It is quite late to be used as the name of martial art. And all kinds of martial art contain the thought of Taiji and Yin-Yang and use them in different forms. It is not unique for Taiji Quan. But Taiji Quan is one of the best way to cultivate the balance of body and mind.

According to some martial art classics (such as “Nei Jia Quan Fa” or “Wudang martial art secrets”, etc.), master Zhang-SanFeng was normally regarded as the founder of Taiji Quan or at least related to him originally. Before he became a real hermit in early Ming Dynasty, he used to learn YiJinJing and Zen martial art at Shaolin temple for years, and study DaoYin and Qigong with Daoist masters for years. It was said his original purpose to develop forms is for DaoYin-forms of Guiding Qi. And with the experience of martial art, he developed a set of “Taiji Quan” – direct meaning is “the Quan to link with or contact with Taiji”, which is the way to keep balance between oneself and nature.

When we mastered the secrets of keeping balance (inner-outer), we can also understand the way to break balance, not to nature but to break the balance of an opponent – this is called “martial art”. So that – a function.  Yangsheng-life/nature cultivation is the essence, which is enough for oneself and nature. And we can also use the function to protect ourselves if it is necessary to fight with somebody else.



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