In our daily life, after spending a lot of time in complicated affairs, we often feel that the world is too noisy and we are too tired to go on. Then we try to find a calmer place – a less complicated place to stay, so we need to go home or on holiday. After staying with the simple life for a period of time, we begin to feel bored and the “calmness” becomes another kind of stress to force us to seek more interesting things. So when we say: “oh, I really need a calmer place to find calmness.” We should know that this “calmness” might be a false calm, because this “calmness” is just waiting for another “noise” to appear.

Just as with sitting meditation, it is a misunderstanding that we sit for calmness. Even though the sitting meditation and its environment will bring calmness, it is not our real purpose. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate inner brightness and peace, in order to reach the real calmness, where the stress, boredom or any other afflictions will cease. Then it’s unnecessary to find calmness depending on an environment, we can stay with calmness at any moment. So the real calmness doesn’t mean staying in a calm place and having little things or nothing to do, but to meet with everything with a peaceful mind!

And we should be alert that the false calm might become a mask to blind the clear mind. We call it “ignorant calmness”. It is even worse than “noise”, because it will block the wisdom. The real calmness is derived from the clear mind, which can perceive the lively silence in everything. The real calmness is the expression of peace, which can “swallow” the noise no matter how noisy it is. The real calmness stays with patience, which will bring more energy to penetrate into the deeper layer of truth…



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