Don’t pull or push yourself to come into meditation, just like you are just coming out of the darkness, it will take time to accustom to the brightness.

Both the pulling and pushing of intention will cause tension, fear and pressure. How can we tune ourselves into “just between pulling and pushing”? There’s intention emerging and at the same time fading, we won’t cling to the emerging intention or its fading, the continuous emerging and fading manifests a flow of consciousness. We just have a clear mind on this but no attachment to it.

Sometimes, we’ll have a walk after dinner with our family members, and we may have a chat during the walk. No matter how far we walk away from home or how many topics we discuss during the walk, we’ll naturally come back home anyway without getting lost or missing a step. Do we have to remind ourselves the way back home? Do we have to pay much attention when we naturally walk back? No. The “home” is always there in our mind without giving too much intention to it.

We should just regard the tension or wandering as a kind of natural phenomenon, which is caused by certain conditions. When these conditions disappear, the phenomenon caused by these conditions will disappear too. We should just understand clearly what these conditions are and how to let them go. If you don’t have a clear mind on this and try to resist, the resistance will become an extra condition to keep or even enhance the tension and pressure. Just like raising up a bow and arrow without knowing where the target is. It is a waste of your energy.


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