No matter what kind of thing you are facing, the first moment should be to remind yourself to keep mindfulness. Because no matter what else we are going to do for this thing, we must know clearly what is really happening, and have the right concentration to deal with it.

The mindfulness has several characteristics 1. To recognize and to be aware of  2. To stay with and not lose  3. To keep alert and remember  4. To be clear at the present  5. Stable and not floating.  

So in one sentence, “to have a stable and clear mind to recognize what is happening at the present, and keep staying with it without neglect or ignorance.”  At the same time, Buddha always reminded his disciples of not to cling to anything or any feeling, they are just the media to help us perceiving the truth behind phenomena.

The mindfulness is important, because it will influence how much reality you can perceive at the first moment. This will decide your view of reality and the way of thinking, which will bring about the following reactions. At the same time, our behavior is a continuous interactive response to the environment, from mental formations to physical actions. Only when we can keep mindfulness as much as we can, will there be more and more real reality to be reflected to our mind. This will lead to the right actions and right diligence.

In this way, we can save a lot of energy and avoid hurting others and take care of ourselves, by staying with peace and ease : )



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