The pressure is caused by three basic forces: tension, wandering andconflict. Imagine a “spiritual string” as a metaphor.If wecling to something we are doing too much, the string between it and us becomes tight, our eyes protrude and the muscles in our neck and back become twisted. This is called tension.

If we are interrupted by something or when we are doing one thing, at the same time we are thinking of other things, this will cause wandering.It seems another string is dragging us inanother direction. Then these two strings pull us intwo or more directions, this is called conflict.

So, how to release the pressure at the moment when this happens? First, release the other strings. When you are aware of these strings,don’t try to drive them away, just don’t encouragethem and let them be. In this way there will be no conflict. Then your mindfulness will naturally come back to the thing you were doing. But you should tune up the string in the Middle Way - not too tight, not to loose. And the rest of the time, just maintain this Middle Way.

The water in the bowl reflects your body, qi and mind. When you areholding a bowl filled with water you try not to let it shake and spillout. You may find that the more intensely you want to do this, the more unstable is your response. You feel your body is tense and breathing is not even, which will bring more quivering. Why?

Because the fear in your mind causes the tension, which stirs up your qi and the stirring of your qi agitates your body.  How to put down the fear? The answer is in you and not in the water and the bowl.­ Put away the desire and expectations about the forms. Let your mind recover easily, so that the qi will gradually become calm and even, and your body and the body of water will stay in balance.


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